Your network

  • HP product discovery tool accesses/queries your network hosting printer(s) for discovery.
  • The device/application (Value Club) you are using to subscribe must be on the same network as the HP printer.
  • Your device/application (Value Club) is connected to internet. 

Your printer

  • Must be powered on to be discovered.
  • Must be connected to the subscribing mobile hosting Value Club Application. 
  • This tool applies to mobile applications only and discovers HP branded and Easy Ink delivery eligible printers.
  • No software is downloaded or installed as part of printer discovery process.

Data collection

  • Data is gathered for Easy Ink Delivery eligible products to identify the product and enable the service. 
  • Data elements captured are 
  1. Printer Model Name
  2. Printer Part Number
  3. Printer Serial Number


  • This application is used only to enable Easy Ink Delivery program. 
  • The printer discovery process only occurs when customer initiates the detection by clicking on the ‘SCAN FOR PRINTERS’ button. It can discover your newly bought as well as existing HP eligible printers.   
  • Multiple eligible printers can be discovered but they have to be registered/subscribed one at a time.

HP Data Storage

  • HP eligible printers identified during the discovery process but not registered/subscribed will not be stored in HP system after customer exits from the discovery process.