*Main Member

All *membership tiers are entitled to sign up Associate Memberships; $28, $18 & $8 membership tier for 3, 2 & 1 associate members respectively. No payment is required for these invites. Rebates earned from an associate member’s transactions will be credited to the main member. The main member is able to transfer rebates to their associate members account and view their transactions. An email will be sent to your associate(s) on the instructions to **activate the Associate Membership.

WEF 2 August 2021, the additional 0.5% rebate will be removed for 8-month and 18-month membership tiers. The 18-month membership tier will no longer be available for sign up or renewal.

Learn how to send an invitation here. 

Associate Member


An associate member is able to receive rebates transferred to him/her from the main member; view their own transactions and collect vouchers/ coupons. No fees required for signing up as an associate member. Associate membership expires on the main member’s initial expiry date at the point of sign up. Associate members are not able to earn rebates for their transactions. Terms & Conditions here.


After receiving the invitation email from the main member, associate member's registration must be completed via ValueClub app.  


The associate membership's expiry date will be based on the main member's account expiry date. The associate member account will be detached and expired when the main account holder downgrades their membership.




*Not applicable for complimentary ValueClub membership
**Please confirm associate member's email address is keyed correctly as we are unable to delete/remove successfully generated associate member.