How do I transfer my rebates?

You may transfer your rebates to, and receive rebates from, other ValueClub members should both parties have a valid and active ValueClub membership account via ValueClub app.

1. Log in with your registered Member ID (Email/NRIC/Passport/FIN) and Password

2. Go to Social > Transfer Rebates

3. Enter Recipient Member ID (Email/NRIC/Passport/FIN)

4. Followed by the amount of rebates that you want to transfer (minimum amount V$0.01) 

5. Customise your message to recipient

6. Select Transfer to complete the transaction

Both sender and recipient will receive an email upon successful transfer and receiving of rebates.

Please note that transferred rebates are nonreversible.

ValueClub may decide to reverse or refuse transfers of rebates at any time and at its sole discretion.